About Me

To Know about me and my family or how did I inspired to be a juggler, you have to read this..

Manoj Mishra

"Ball Juggler of India"
Father:Ahibhusan Mishra
Mother:Ashalata Mishra
Dist:Purba Medinipur
State:West Bengal

Familial Recognition :

We are five brothers and a daughter. It is a big family. My father is a priest. We are living on vest land of W.B Govt.. We have to maintain our family with great difficulty.

My Own Activities :

At the age of 5-6 years, I use to play football regularly. When I was 16-17 years old, I set out for Gujrat for searching a job as my father's income was very little. There I had to work as a labour during twelve hours a day became tired. I would getup at 4 A.M & I cooked myself and then I would start to practice football. But I dreamt to be a great footballer from my early childhood. After 1 year I reached an unknown place of Mumbai. After much hardship I got a job at Shibaji Park for Training the children. In course of living there I played for Dadar XI Football Club under senior division. And later I played with Mumbai Poor Trust. I failed to fulfil my dream because of my property & Accidental Leg Injuiry. All hopes were in vain. I used to practice juggling to be a good footballer but in vain. Abhisek said that World Record will be captured by Juggling.

Education :

At first I studied at Ratulia High School but I had to leave my education owing to poverty. Then I passed H.S from Rabindra Mukta Vidyalaya. I wish to complete my higher education that is Graduation.

Mental Intention :

  • 1. To set up a Football Academy.
  • 2. To set up an academy where all kind of sports may be exhibited.
  • 3. To established some activities in football for progressing the football skill in India.
  • 4. So, I need much money so that I may get sponsorship from any big company.

Though I have money deficiency, I intended to break all kinds of records obtained by others previously with the help & blessing of the elders. I may be a poor youth but I have sufficient talent of the balance of football. I will be grate full to the media for highlighting my work. If media helps me, I will be more good at work. I hope they will help me at my way. I will thanks my friends Abhisek Tambul Barkor for his aspiration. The secretary, Uday Deshpande of Samatha Vayayam Mandir helped me very much, besides he helped to stay there. At first Heman Gupta helped me with money. So, I thanked him very much. Riyas Komu helped me with money and so I thanked him again. The Mohan Bagan prince Rufus assisted all the way so I thanked him.

Nana Patekar was a busy man, yet he spent his time for me. So I thanked him much. He assured me to give a chance in film & sponsorship. The sports minister Basanta Purke assured me to help in all ways. He would help me to purchase a house in town at discount of 10%. The Chief Minister, Bilas Roy Deshmukh gave me welfare for my work. What I wanted Rajshab Thakre gave me all. I met Mukul Roy , Railway Minister said to me, "You will get service before puja vacation". The sports Minister Mr. Madan Mitra told me that he would gave me a service. Hearing this I thanked him for such word. The Ex. President Mr. N. K. Narayana praised me for my excellent tricks of football juggling. In 2014-2015 I met the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee putting the ball on my head at Netaji Indoor Stadium and gave her a letter to have a service. She called me at her home with my Bio Data. For this I thanked her in my heart's content. The M.P named Mr. Subhendu Adhikary welcomed me for my excellent tricks of football juggling Mr. Souman Mahapatra, the Minister of Water Resource assured me to give a service if any chance comes to him. Ujjal Bisbas, The Minister of Yuba Kalyan told me "You will get a service from his source". Rajpal Sing praised me to see my football juggling. Shantiram Mahata, Minister of S.H.G welcomed me for my tricks of football juggling. The actor Mithun Chakraborty started at me to see my jiggling. Chiranjit Chakraborty did the same to see my juggling and became at a loss. the actors Deb said to me "You are better than me". Wearing the dhoti Amitabh Bacchan, I showed such a skill he became puzzle. The M.L.A of Una in Himachal Pradesh welcomed me for my juggling. The M.L.A Becharam Manna , The Minister of Agriculture assured me to give a service. Mr. Sisir Adhikary donated me Rs. 1000.00 /- after praising my juggling. S.M. Jagual Hayder, the M.P of Bangladesh was charmed to see my juggling and said "A good relation between two countries will be created".


  • 1. In 2005 on sixth April I juggled for three hours in twenty thousand times on head, legs, thigh and all parts of my body. It had been recorded in Guinness Book of World and Limca Book of World Record.
  • 2. In 2006 on Sixth January keeping the football on my head for twelve hours at Shibaji Park in Mumbai. I had recorded what Adalbertosanchez of Mexico had recorded for two hours on 21st December, 2002.
  • 3. On 23rd April, 2006 I recorded in limca Book - 2008 - 53 pages for juggling four hours - from 3 P.M to 7 P.M.
  • 4. On 15th August 2007 in North 24 Parganas at Sainik Nagar I recorded to keep the ball on foot. It was done by me for 17 Minutes 48 Seconds where In 2001 on 3rd August Abraham Munozof the USA had recorded 13th minutes 36 Seconds before.
  • 5. On 8th March, 2009 at Andul Bisalakshi Tala of Howrah, I put the ball on my head and I broke my own recorded (Alternative Record and Limca Book of Records).
  • 6. On 5th February,2013 balancing the ball on my head I moved the motor cycle 30 K.M - from Chandaneswar in Orrissa to Pichaboni in West Bengal. It has been recorded in Limca Book of World and Alternative Book of World in Germany.
  • 7. Completed 125 Arm Rolls (Arm-Chest-Arm Football Rotation) in One Minute at Pangal Ground, Mondi, Himachal Pradesh on Noveember 23, 2012 (Limca Book of Records - 2015).
  • 8. Completed Arm Rolls (Arm-Chest-Arm Football Rotation) in One Minute more than 141 times.